Wednesday, November 10, 2010

April - Now!

In April we had another baby join the family. Chris and Shawna had their 2nd baby (it was a girl) Brooke! The summer went by pretty fast, I worked a lot! It wasn't a crazy summer at work but it seemed like everyone was exhausted by the time school started back up again. I started dating Darren in July and things have been going great. Halloween was fun this year, we went to the pumpkin patch to get our pumpkins and we carved them a few days later. Darren made me watch 3 scary movies on Halloween and I'm still having trouble falling asleep! I'm such a baby I know! But scary movies just do that to me! I decided that it was time again for another vacation and seeing as how I have so much fun when I'm in Utah staying with Natalie and Steve I decided that I would go there again. I would love to go somewhere like Hawaii or Mexico but I would need to save a little more to be able to do that. This is still a vacation for me, it's very relaxing and it's always what I need. So, I'm in Utah right now. It was an adventure getting out here. I had to take the bus down to Seattle as I always fly out of there. We were held up at the border for almost 2 hours! I was supposed to get into Seattle at 3pm but we didn't get there until a little after 4:30pm. When I bought my greyhound ticket it said that the destination was the airport but when we pulled into the bus depot in Seattle the driver said that if you needed to go to the airport then he would tell you how to get there. I had to walk up 2 blocks to get to the train station and take public transit to get to the airport which is about a 30 minute journey. I was so mad! my flight was at 4:45 so there was no way I was getting there! Needless to say I missed my flight and the next one out I missed by 5 minutes! There were no more flights until the next morning but they wanted $200 for the ticket. I was so tired and hungry and just ready to go home. After talking to Natalie, my Mom, and Darren in the airport and crying the entire time! I decided that even though at that time I wanted to just go home cause I was tired, I would regret it so I sucked it up and became very thankful for credit cards and overdraft. I was able to get a ticket for $150 for the next morning at 10am and then made my way to a hotel. Luckily they have special rates for people that are stranded in the airport. I did not like staying in a hotel by myself but it happened and I just had to deal with it. I finally made it to Utah the next day and I was just so happy for the whole thing to be over with. It's been so nice to relax and sleep in and just do whatever we want. I'll be here until Saturday evening, my plane leaves at 4pm and my sister will pick me up in Seattle. I will NEVER take the greyhound bus again! Well, that's how I feel right now but it's gonna be a long time before I ever take it again! So that's it for now!

January - March 2010

So, I'm really really behind with writing and as much as I try to catch up, I'm always busy with work and life but I still try my best once in a while! Well, I guess I have to start with the beginning of this year cause that's where I left off. January to March was super busy at work! Avatar made things crazy and all movies from now on will be compared to Avatar. Looking back on it, I think I've erased a lot of it from my memory cause I don't really remember that much about it. I think it was just so crazy that I don't want to remember it that much. I just can't believe that people would be that crazy over a movie. Oh well! This year should be much better. I spent the early months of this year watching a lot of movies and screening movies late at night. It was fun but it eventually catches up with you and staying up until 4am is no longer fun. In March I took 10 days off from work and went down to Utah to visit my friends down there (Natalie and Steve and Sariah) It was a multi destination trip cause I spent half the time in Utah and then I went down to Arizona to stay with my friend Kristina cause she got married. It was so much fun to see friends and sisters I served my mission with. It was right back to work when I got back home and it was nice to know that I was missed.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Fall 2009

The final months of last year also went by pretty fast! I continued to work, watch Brody and I was still living at my brothers'. It was a rough time for my family as my Dad was in the hospital. I was just going to copy and paste what happened on here cause I've written it out already but it won't work right now so that will have to wait for now. Work was busy with New Moon and the wonderful film Avatar! The craziness of Avater lasted from the middle of December until March! and when I say it was crazy, I mean it was crazy! I never imagined people could be so insane about a movie! Christmas was good this year as we weren't in different places and my parents weren't in hotel (2008 Christmas was 10 days after we had to move) so we were able to have a nice holiday. It did snow and literally 3 days after I spent the money to get snow tires, the snow left and never came back! Awesome! We had another baby join our family Jakob Bowers (my great nephew). And we ended another year!

July- September 2009

July was my 26th Bday! I had a fun night going out with friends for dinner and then out to see a few bands (some of our friends were in one of the bands). I definately don't feel like I'm 26 and this year I'll be 27. Crazy! Maybe it's because a lot of the people I work with are a lot younger. The summer seemed to fly by and at the end of August my bestfriend Jaymi came out to visit me for 2 weeks. I spent a lot of time being tired as I had Brody about 12 hours a day for 5 days a week and I also worked 40 hours a week on top of that but I'm so glad that I got to spend so much time with him last year. I wouldn't trade that for all the sleep in the world. I still can't believe how quickly the past year has gone by. This summer is basically here.

June 2009

It's time to do some catching up!!! May and June of last year I was trained in treasury at work. I was able to pick it up pretty fast which was nice. In the middle of June they posted for an assistant manager. I decided to apply for it and I got it (along with another girl). Great opportunity!!! I started at the beginning of July, right in time for the Summer madness! It was a fun summer, being able to work and getting to know more people. Some days are crazy and some guests that come in to watch movies are ridiculous and crazy but I still love my job and I'm glad that I work where I do. I've been able to make friends with a lot of people in the past year and I still enjoy it. The official position at work that I have is "Assistant Operations Manager", which entails running the box office and floor. Since then I've been trained in food and just recently started learning projection. There are things we do each shift that are routine but I like that everyday at work is also different as different people are working and coming to watch movies. I've met some truly amazing people that I most likely would have never been friends with under any other circumstances. Above all the love I have for my job, I get to watch free movies! Who wouldn't want that!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Bday Brodster! (May)

May 17th was Brody's first Birthday! We had a small family party for him and then his big huge bday bash the following week. Kid got so many presents it was crazy! There were a ton of people there but it was his first bday so it was special. Laura and Joe said no more parties like that until he's like 5 years old! Still can't believe my little moose is getting so big! I found a rocking moose for him at Ikea! Only in canada would you find a rocking moose instead of a rocking horse! This month at work I was trained in treasury which means I'm in the office more, it will also look great on my resume and I got a .50 cent raise so that was nice.

Back to Work!

I went back to work at the end of April, time to make some moneys and catch up on all these bills! I went back to Colossus Langley, they were glad to have me back and I was glad to be back there. Laura also went back to work the second week in May, I started watching Brody during the day and working nights at the movie theatre. So far I've loved it. I'm tired a lot and it's hard work but I love being able to spend so much time with Brody. I have Brody from about 6am until about 5pm Monday-Friday and then I also work 40 hours a week at the theatre. Gotta do what you gotta do! Sometimes I don't know how I function but I'm doing okay for now! Anyone who complains about being a stay at home Mom, you should not complain!!! I may not be a mother yet but I have Brody a lot! and I work 40 hours a week on top of that! Just enjoy being at home with your sweet children!